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World Record Longest Horned Archery Taken (Pope and Young) Desert Bighorn Sheep.

The World Record Longest Horned Archery taken Desert Bighorn Ram was harvested under one of the two licenses auctioned by the State of Nevada to the highest bidder in 1999. The license allowed hunting in any unit statewide beginning one month before the regular hunting season for winners of each unit’s (relatively free) limited draw. Like MāHUNT’s emphasis, this afforded the highest bidder the maximum solitude of the hunt (especially helpful for archery) while specifically earmarking those funds to build and maintain waterholes (habitat enhancement) for Desert Bighorn Sheep to survive and flourish all over Nevada for the 21st century. Wildlife has to pay to stay.

This ram was taken by James A. Schneider in the Black Mountains of Nevada on November 1, 1999 at 50 yards. His left horn length was 37 3/8” with a Pope and Young official net score of 165 6/8.

This ram is also the sixth largest Pope and Young Archery Taken Desert Bighorn Sheep when entered and the largest Nevada archery taken Desert Bighorn Sheep upon entry.

A shoulder mount is available for physical viewing at MāHUNT’s museum at 5906 Main St., McFarland, WI. Please call (608) 838-4789 or (415) 435-1099 to arrange a mutually agreeable time.

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