VEP (No Hunting)

Read This Before You Sign

You and any human companion must fill in this Log Book before entering the property/habitat of MāHUNT. A map of the subject property/habitat is enclosed with this Log Book for your review -- DO NOT REMOVE. Signing up beyond this moment’s date and time constitutes fraud. Failure to provide all the information requested in a readable fashion constitutes trespassing and will result in you and your companion, if any, being prohibited from entering any of MāHUNT’s properties/habitat now or in the future.

YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO THE HIGHEST OF CONSERVATION ETHICS. Any breach of the requirements below will constitute grounds for MāHUNT to deny you and your companion, if any, further access during your present authorized three days or on any of MāHUNT’s properties/habitat ever in the future and may result in enforcement action being taken by local Conservation Warden and/or County Sheriff’s Department.

By signing this Log Book, I certify that I understand and will comply with all of the following:

1. Will treat the property/habitat as if it were your own.

2. Will minimize the noise that I make or cause to be made on this property/habitat, including when entering this property/habitat both in consideration of the sanctity of the property/habitat as well as the well being of the surrounding inhabitants and properties.

3. Close and secure all gates when entering/exiting the property.

4. Will cooperate fully with the caretaker(s) of MāHUNT.

5. Will NOT access this property/habitat or any other MāHUNT properties/habitat without being an authorized winner of the free draw or blind cash bid during the three day period covered by such winning entry.

6. Will NOT trespass on neighboring private properties.

7. Will NOT bring onto the property/habitat or use any firearm, crossbow or archery equipment in any manner on the property/habitat.

8. Will NOT knock down or manipulate any crops on the property/habitat of MāHUNT and not bring any salt licks/blocks or bait onto the property.

9. Will NOT damage MāHUNT’s property/habitat and will take special care to minimize my impact on the property/habitat, endeavoring to leave the property/habitat as close to at least its condition prior to my entry as possible.

10. Except as otherwise provided in Section 11. below, will NOT use any motorized or wheeled vehicle (including but not limited to car, truck, SUV, snowmobile, motorcycle, quad, all terrain, electric golf cart, tractor, or unicycle) on MāHUNT’s property/habitat, except to park (one) my vehicle on the property/habitat if necessary and then as close to the ENTRANCE as possible. (See attached map of subject property for location of the ENTRANCE.) Physically handicapped persons (denoted by a state authorized parking placard placed prominently on their vehicle’s dashboard) may drive on clearly identifiable vehicle paths or roads on the property so long as no snow, soft ground or muddiness exists on such paths or roads. Such persons may also use wheelchairs on the property when snow, soft ground or muddiness do not exist.

11. With respect to Dunn #1, Dunn #3 and Dunn #5 will use a motorized vehicle for no other use on MāHUNT property/habitat but to transport Applicant’s and/or Companion’s own non-motorized (one) watercraft plus oars/paddle(s)/pole(s) to and from within 50 yards of water’s edge and to park there or at the designated parking area near the entrance. Such motorized vehicle use will be limited to a pre-designated access road (“Water Access Road”). (See attached map(s) for location of Water Access Road.)

12. Will NOT use or construct any permanent stand or blind on MāHUNT’s property/habitat and will remove upon Applicant’s and Companion’s (if applicable) final departure during the authorized three day period any portable stand or blind owned by Applicant or Companion (if applicable) that Applicant and/or Companion have brought onto the property/habitat. No tools, except knives, calls and those required to fix a flat tire or construct such permissible stand(s) or blind(s) may be brought onto or used on the property.

13. Will comply with all other activity restrictions specific to the subject property attached to this sheet determined by MāHUNT for the purposes of preserving safety and protecting MāHUNT’s property/habitat.

14. Will NOT remove any artifacts (including, but, not limited to arrowheads, tomahawk heads, or burial relics) from the property/habitat. The caretaker(s) must be informed of the location of any artifacts in person or by mail as soon as possible.

15. Will record in the Log Book each time I sign in to enter the property/habitat and will return before leaving the property/habitat to record the time I leave the property/habitat, including all information required by the Log Book. In no event will I enter the property/habitat prior to two hours before sunrise nor leave the property/habitat more than two hours after sunset.

16. No dog, cat or other domesticated or pet animal (including but not limited to horse, cow, sheep, pig, llama, birds, rodents, fish, and insects) shall be permitted on the property/habitat, except see specific rules for Dunn #3 and Dunn #5 regarding one dog per entrant.

17. No wild animal, bird, fish, reptile, or amphibian shall be brought onto the property/habitat.

18. No signs, banners, graffiti, protests, or noise of similar nature shall be brought onto the property/habitat or made on the property/habitat or placed on anything on the property/habitat.

19. No frisbee(s), kite(s), ball(s) (baseball, football, golf ball, tennis ball, etc),  mobile telephones, radios (except the car or vehicle radio, which shall be turned off prior to entering the property/habitat), TVs, music boxes, computers, or similar noise producing products may be brought onto or used (thrown, hit) on the property/habitat.

20. Will NOT start a fire or strike a match or lighter on the property/habitat.

21. Will NOT litter on the property/habitat or bring chewing or bubble gum or tobacco products onto the property/habitat, and will pick up any trash left by others or blown onto the property.

22. Will NOT bring onto the property/habitat any alcoholic beverages or drink, or illegal drugs or use same on the property/habitat.

23. May remove asparagus cuttings (not roots), nuts, and fallen leaves from the property/habitat, but shall not pull, kill, cut, trim, harm, or deface any plants or trees.

24. May NOT remove any wild mushrooms, puff balls, fruit, or berries from the property/habitat and will release MāHUNT from any liability from ingesting or having anything taken from the property/habitat, but shall not pull, kill, cut, trim, harm, or deface any plants or trees.

25. Must take all necessary precautions to not be bitten by ticks, mosquitos, fleas, or other insects, which may carry lyme, West Nile fever, or other diseases while on the property/habitat.

26. Must take all necessary precautions to avoid any and all contact with any living, sick or dead reptiles, birds or animals or their rubbings on the property/habitat to minimize being bitten, touching prions (including those that may be connected to Chronic Wasting Disease), contracting rabies, or any other disease or malady like TB.

27. Any sighting of a sick, staggering, drooling, foaming from the mouth or nose, disoriented, or emaciated animal, bird or reptile on the property/habitat should be reported quickly to the caretaker(s).

28. Shall not deface, destroy, scratch or in any way harm any plaques or memorabilia on the property/habitat.

29. Will hold harmless MāHUNT and any one affiliated, employed, or utilized by MāHUNT from liability for any injury or property damage from known or unanticipated risks or causes received while engaged in recreation activities on the property, as provided by provisions described in 895.52(5), Wis. Stats. and 29.59(7) Wis. Stats.

See Log Book Below



Date: _________________

Approximate Temperature:_____ 

Wind Direction/Speed:________ 

Skies:__________     Precipitation:__________

Arrival Time:____________

Departure Time:__________

Type of non-motorized
watercraft used, if any______________________
(Dunn #1, #2 and #5 only)

Entrant No. 1




Phone #:_____________________ 

License Plate #:________________ 


Entrant No. 2




Phone #:_________________________

License Plate #:____________________


Activities: ___Hunting   ___Hiking   ____Bird Watching   ___Trapping
Other (describe)_________________________________

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