MāHUNT Dunn #1, Inc.


1. The hunting log book is located just inside the gate off Elvehjem Road.

2. No carrying of an uncased gun or uncased or not fully covered bow or shooting of a gun or bow may take place in the northern 400 feet of the property/habitat. See subject property's aerial photo of the property for the location of the NO HUNTING AREA.

3. No deer hunting (whether with a bow or shot gun with slugs) may be conducted on the property, except from a safe portable tree stand (erected and owned and brought onto the property by Applicant and/or Companion, if applicable) at least 15 feet above the surrounding ground.

4. No shotgun or bow shall be fired towards the North (Village of McFarland homes) or West (Village of McFarland Park) (even if into the air) from the remaining portion of the property/habitat. Shots are recommended to be taken only from the southern one-half of the property and towards only the South (even if into the air), especially when hunting whitetail deer.

5. Be careful when walking in the wooded areas or near or around the Indian Mounds to minimize the disturbance of such sanctified ground and falling on the uneven ground, especially when the ground is soft or muddy. No walking or wheelchair movement upon the Indian Mounds is permitted.

6. Avoid being near any trees during storms, winds, or calm as limbs or trees falling can be hazardous.

7. No climbing is permitted, except when recreating in the placement of or occupation of Applicant's and/or Companion's own portable tree stand (up to two per entrant), including climbing steps, and while wearing and utilizing an appropriate safety harness.

8. Shotguns (with shot shells not slugs) may be used for squirrel, rabbit, bird or (with slugs) deer hunting, and bows and arrows may be used for bird or deer hunting. No handguns or crossbows are permitted on the property(ies)/habitat.

9. Be careful legally setting traps for fur-bearing animals.

10. Applicant may bring a floatation device or non-motorized watercraft onto to the subject property. If a floatation device or non-motorized watercraft is brought onto the MāHUNT property/habitat, Applicant and Companion (if applicable) must, at all times when using such devices, wear a life jacket that is of a design and type that has been approved by the State of Wisconsin for use by an individual with the same height and weight as Applicant and Companion (if applicable) in the manner that the life jacket was intended to be used.

11. One of the boundaries of Dunn #1 is Mud Lake. Mud Lake is public property below the high water mark and not owned, controlled by or associated with MāHUNT or any of its affiliated entities. Applicant will be allowed to take their vehicle on a predesignated limited access trail (see "Water Access Trail" on the subject property's aerial map) through Dunn #1 in order to drive the Applicant's own non-motorized watercraft to within fifty yards of Mud Lake. Applicant's direct or indirect use of Mud Lake of any kind whatsoever or any consequences resulting from such direct or indirect use of Mud Lake is the Applicant's and his or her Companion's (if applicable) sole and complete responsibility.

ANY VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE HUNTING LOG BOOK'S RULES OR THIS SPECIFIC PROPERTY/HABITAT'S ATTACHED RESTRICTIONS AND WARNINGS shall result in the individual violating such rule (and/or the group that such individual states that he/she represents) paying to MāHUNT treble damages plus legal fees and being prohibited from entering any MāHUNT property/habitat in the future. Any and all individuals signing this Hunting Log Book hereby agree to such penalties for such violations by signing and entering the subject property/habitat.