Membership in MāHUNT costs $25.00 annually (expiring December 31, of each year). The dues have been set at a rate designed to make membership available to a broad cross section of the public and designed to enroll a large number of persons in the community or area of MāHUNT's properties and activities as well as from far-distant areas. Membership is not restricted to any specific group of people, a specific profession or other interest.

The following benefits will accrue to members of MāHUNT.

1) a letter of recognition that the member has advanced the cause of procuring, restoring, propagating, preserving, perpetuating, and paying for isolated natural property(ies)/habitat and archeological/historic resource sites where up to two people (from artists to Zuni) at one time per property can commune in (near pristine) nature with solitude.

2) a statement of tax deductibility of substantially all their membership payments to the extent allowed by the law since the member in return for such payment received no goods or services.

3) periodic updates on MāHUNT's properties.

4) the ability to specify with their annual membership contribution and/or with additional charitable contributions a geographical location where they prefer future sites be acquired. MāHUNT will commit to attempt to acquire future sites near the residence of contributors or near the area that they specify in their letters of membership or contribution based on the aggregate dollars contributed.

The following benefits will not accrue to members:

1) the right or ability to vote for the Board of Directors of MāHUNT and any policies of MāHUNT.

2) any preference on being chosen to enter any of MāHUNT's properties/habitat.

3) any preference in additional uses of MāHUNT's properties/habitat if chosen to enter MāHUNT's properties/habitat.

4) any additional leeway in adhering to MāHUNT's rules while on such properties/habitat or in being punished if such rules are violated.

Efforts to attract members shall include:

1. Letters sent directly by MāHUNT emphasizing its specific purposes and activities. Letters shall be directed to residents in the Town of Dunn, Village of McFarland, Cities of Madison, Monona, Oregon and Stoughton, Wisconsin and other Wisconsin areas situated close to the initial property acquired by MāHUNT. The mailing list will be expanded as funds become available and will include members of other 501(c)(3) organizations with similar goals and purposes. Such letters may include pictures of acquired properties, their locations, and an outline of the method of gaining admittance.

2. Direct conversations and solicitations of individuals, charitable foundations, corporations, and organizations by the members(s) of the Board, especially the President.

3. Press releases containing the same information as in (1) above.

4. Talks or discussions by members of the Board at publicly available forums.

5. Brochures and booths available at conventions, shows, exhibits and fairs.

6. Hiring or obtaining a mailing list from The Conservation Fund.

7. Drawings for prizes or lotteries as allowed by State law.

8. Offering prizes for fundraisers and fundraising activities as allowed by State law.

9. A website established to explain MāHUNT, its endeavors, and containing the same information as specified in (1) above.

10. Advertisements in newspapers, magazine, reports, radio, and TV emphasizing the same information as in (1) above.

The above efforts to attract members and contributors shall be focused in Wisconsin, California, Iowa, Arizona, Wyoming, Illinois, Minnesota and Montana.