MāHUNT Properties
MāHUNT (Dunn #4)

MāHUNT (Dunn #4). (“Dunn #4”) (5.8 acres) is located in the Town of Dunn (in the east-middle of Hook Lake which abuts the south end of Dunn #3). The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources owns an undivided share in Hook Lake Island, so, it is public land and therefore, open for public use. Dunn #4 owns an undivided 1/11th share in Hook Lake Island. No draw or blind cash bid is open for applicants through Dunn #4. Entrants to Dunn #3 do not have permission through that process to visit Dunn #4 and MāHUNT is not responsible nor liable for any activity by any Entrants or visitors to or nearby Dunn #4. NO ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY THROUGH FREE DRAW OR BLIND CASH BID THROUGH MāHUNT IS AUTHORIZED.


Photos of Habitat

1) From the North near Dunn #3 South Boundary -->     a) Fall
2) From the North Midway from Dunn #3 South Boundary --> a) Fall
3) From the North past midway from Dunn #3 South Boundary --> a) Fall
4) From the North, AM --> a) Fall
5) From Dunn #4 to North towards Dunn #3's Southwest Shore, AM --> a) Fall
6) From Dunn #4 North Middle to South (East and West Shores), AM --> a) Fall